Uniform Requirements Juniors

Wearing the school uniform instils a sense of identity in our students and promotes equality amongst the student community. All students are expected to be in full uniform every day and parents/guardians are expected to cooperate in this regard. 


Junior Uniform:

  • Jumper (Grey with a school Crest)
  • Polo Shirt (Blue)
  • Skirt or trousers (Blue)
  • Jacket (Plain Navy or Black)

*Note: The School Skirt should be worn at or below knee length. Please also note that both boys and girls may wear stud earrings. Excessive jewellery, face piercing and other body piercing is forbidden. 


Only flat, black shoes may be worn as part of the uniform. Examples of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as school shoes is illustrated in the graphic below. The in-school management team will decide what is acceptable with regard to uniform including school shoes. 

Many thanks for your cooperation in ensuring our students adhere to our uniform policy.