Student Council

Comhairle na Macléinn

Student Council 2023/24

What is the Student Council?

The student council is made up of students from first to sixth year. They represent the student population thus giving all students in Coolmine Community School a vital voice, allowing them to contribute to their school in a valuable way. Coolmine Community School pupils have an important contribution to make to the effectiveness of their school and their involvement is seen as a valuable part of the education process here in Coolmine CS. This year’s student council take a very active role in looking at school policies and other areas that will benefit the school and its students

The first elections to the student council took place during the academic year 2003/04.

The role of the student council is:

  • To represent the views of the student body and the school management through the student liaison officer.
  • To promote good communication within the school.
  • To support the educational development and progress of students
  • To contribute to the development of school policy
  • To assist in school sports and cultural activities
  • To assist with or organise fundraising events for charity
  • To liaise with student councils in other schools.