Cool FM – School Radio – Transition Year 2022/23

Cool FM was established in 1988 by Mr. Gerard Lynch and it is one of the few school based radio stations in Ireland. It goes on air every Friday at lunchtime. Transition year students research, produce and present each programme under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Damian Tully. Over the years it has been supported by 2FM, 98FM, FM104, Phoenix FM and Christmas FM. This year, our Transition year students have formed two teams to broadcast at Friday lunchtime in the school canteen.

Team 1

  • Kacper Szymoniak 
  • Lyle Pellerin
  • Kian Sampil 
  • Daniel Belkacimi
  • Michal Kapacz


Team 2

  • Niamh Dolan 
  • Aoife Goslin
  • Evelyn McAllorum
  • Lianna Connolly 
  • Ava Sansovini
  • Iria Carcoba
  • Gradie Ibaku