State Exams Commission Updates 2019/20

Leaving Certificate Home Economics 2020 & 2021

 The State Exams Commission have provided school with updates on the following:

(a)  Roll out of Online Marking in the subject of Leaving Certificate Home Economics for 2020 and beyond.
(b)  Changes to the front cover of the Leaving Certificate Home Economics Journal 2021
(c)   Information for Candidates and their Parents/Guardians.

Please see the relevant information for Candidates and Parents/Guardians below:

Information for Candidates and their Parents/Guardians

There is no significant change for candidates.  They will sit their examinations in the normal way.  When the Written Paper (from 2020 onwards) and Journal (from 2021 onwards) is returned to SEC, it will be scanned and will become an electronic script.  The paper versions will be retained.  The scanned images of the candidates’ Written Paper/Journal will then be marked by examiners using specially designed software.  Candidates sitting any of the examinations in subjects which will be marked online should be made aware of the following in advance of the examinations. 

  • Candidates should write their answers in black or blue pen only.  Gel pens should not be used
  • Pencil may be used for completing diagrams and graphs only. 
  • Candidates should not use correction fluid (i.e. tippex) on examination material.  Where a candidate makes an error, they should cross out the error, and continue with the correction on a new line.  This is the case for all subjects, as there is a possibility that marks can still be awarded if content in the perceived error merit credit.
  • Candidates should complete their answers using the spaces provided as this will ensure that all of their answers are captured in the scanning process.   Anything written outside of these areas or in the margins of Journal may not be seen by the examiner.

Any queries concerning Leaving Certificate Home Economics can be addressed to the Practicals Section via email to or by phone to 090 644 2861/2862.  Any queries concerning the roll out of online marked subjects can be addressed to the Online Marking Team via email to or by phone at 090 644 2869/2418. 
All of the information detailed above can also be found on