The BodyRight Programme has been developed by Dublin Rape Crisis Centre to raise awareness about sexual violence among young people and to assist in its prevention through equipping young people with the awareness and skills they need to make positive choices and to protect themselves. It also aims to raise awareness among young people about the possible negative impact of their own behaviours on others.

The findings of SAVI: Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland 2002 (a national study of Irish experiences, beliefs and attitudes concerning sexual violence), showed that 32% of girls and 23% of boys in Ireland have had an unwanted sexual experience before the age of 18.



Young people will have an opportunity to:

  • consider their own behaviours and the impact of these behaviours on others
  • consider attitudes and societal beliefs about sexual violence and the impact of these on an individual, family, school, community and societal level
  • achieve a greater understanding of the concept of and need for personal boundary setting and develop a capacity to set such personal boundaries
  • develop their capacity to hold their ground in the face of persuasion or coercion by peers
  • be provided with information about and definitions of different forms of sexual violence
  • be provided with information regarding the law on sexual violence and the issue of consent in legal and real life contexts and the opportunity to reflect on this
  • be provided with information about accessing help and support
  • develop the capacity to pause and reflect on how they are at a particular moment, as an introduction to  the concept of a ‘pause’ between the impulse to act and the action.


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