CCS Supervised Study 2023/24 

September 14, 2023

Term 1- September 11th– December 20th (14 week block) 


  • Study will begin on Monday September 11th and Finish on Thursday December 21st   
  • Study will start at 4pm and finish at 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
  • Study will start at 1.10pm on Wednesday and Finish at 3pm 


  • Study will take place in the school canteen. 

Students must have their study fee paid in advance in order to attend study and guarantee their space.

How to pay: 

Payments will be made via the Easy payments system on the school website. Which is live for payments now. 

  • Please click on the Easy Payment Plus icon on the top of the school web page.  
  • Click Supervised Study 23/24 option to make payment. 
  • If paying through instalments the first payment is due during the week of Monday September 11th 
  • Second instalment is Monday 9th October  
  • Final instalment is Monday 13th November 

Please contact if you have any queries regarding study.

Normal School rules apply for the duration of study.   

Dear Parents/Guardians 

Coolmine Community School offers supervised study for all students in our school community. We strongly recommend supervised study. It is very important for students to develop the habit of studying. 

Supervised study provides a valuable opportunity, under the guidance of our teachers, for students to develop good habits and to concentrate on homework and revision in a quiet and familiar atmosphere.  

There are significant advantages to participating in the Supervised Study programme including the following: 

  • Students who complete their homework regularly and thoroughly obtain higher grades in examinations 
  • The regular completion of homework and study during the year leads to less stress prior to examinations. 

    In addition, the Supervised Study programme offers the following benefits: 
  • Study is carried out under strict conditions – students work individually and in silence 
  • Good study habits are established and maintained from the outset 
  • Homework is completed by 6 pm in most cases 
  • The evening is free for other activities and parents do not have to worry about supervising homework 
  • There is an opportunity for additional study if homework is completed in less than two hours 


    Please read the Study Guidelines below which govern study prior to application.  

    Application can be made through the online payment system.  

    The study coordinator, Ms. Maher, will contact you separately after that. 

Study Guidelines 

In order to facilitate students gaining the maximum benefit from supervised study the following will apply: 

  • Students are expected to attend study and work quietly for the study session.  
  •  Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards both staff and other students.  
  • Students are expected to be punctual for all study periods. Arriving late disrupts other students’ concentration. 
  • Electronic equipment e.g. ear phones and mobile phones are not allowed in study. The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden. 
  • Each student is expected to cooperate fully with the supervisor and normal school rules apply e.g. full school uniform must be worn, no eating or chewing gum during study. A short 10minute break halfway through each study session will occur. This will allow students a movement break or to have a snack during this time. 
  • Misbehaviour or disruption will not be tolerated. Students may be removed from study for persistent behavioural issues.  
  • If a student is leaving early – a note must be given to the supervisor at the beginning of the study session.