Webinar for Parents & Guardians Supporting Leaving Cert Students to Make Effective Career Decisions

January 12, 2022



This webinar will highlight and explain the important things that parents & guardians of Leaving Cert students need to know to help their teenager to make effective career decisions by exploring the many options open to them on finishing secondary school.
In this webinar the facilitator will cover all of the different career options open to students across further and higher education, apprenticeships, traineeships, flexible training courses and study abroad options. She will walk through the application procedures & important deadlines, including applying to the CAO system, HEAR & DARE. She will also go through the common mistakes made by Leaving Cert students with applications and provide tips on how you can best support your son/daughter as they make this career decision.

This training is for parents & guardians of Leaving Cert students who:
· Are confused and want to learn about various career options available to their son/daughter on leaving post primary school.
· Are worried and want to reduce the stress their teenager is feeling about making career decisions by supporting them through the process.
· Want to be more informed about all the options available and how to access helpful resources for parents.

Date: Tuesday, 25 January 2022
Time: 7.00 – 8.00 pm
Facilitator: Niamh Dwyer, Careers Advisor, My Career Plan To book go to: