Parent Teacher Meetings

January 17, 2022

2nd Year and Transition Year Parent Teacher Meeting: Monday 17th January 2022

Time: 4:15pm to 6:45pm

Please see Zoom Links to each of the Teacher meetings below. Please join meetings according to your schedule and remember that each meeting is strictly 5 minutes long. You may or may not need the passcode for some meetings, generally you click on the link and it brings you directly to the meeting:

Teacher Zoom Link Passcode
Aedammair NiChiardha  Vx7Zr8
Alex Lalor  vqD5tR
Anita Davenport  khtt4H
Anna Siecinska DB1HpD
Barry McNamara Fq00rC
Carol Parker  YLB9L5
Catherine Cullen  8zfdf5
Cecilia Stubbs  Wai3hx
Christopher Green  ee7jCA
Colm Ward  1xPqZ5
Damian Tully Not available   
Daniel Scott  bg2uft
Donna Daly  8Z4Ryq
Eoin O’Connell  FH4WiR
Erin Brennan  Ze1DS4
Fionnuala Ni Dhomhnaill  kT9Src
Gerry Flynn  
Ian Kinlon  Bak0t7
Jennifer McIntyre a3Mbjz
John Gleeson  cXQ4tS
John Smith  KN4RWe
Jojust Mathew  G6JgX2
Josie Keogh  
Karl McGrath  
Katrin Markham 063606
Keith Purcell APjz4K
Keith Rooney  s0b50k
Kevin Owens  41xUCQ
Laura Gallagher Not Available  
Laura McMahon  hM1iuE
Lauren Masterson  g6bM5E
Linda Sheridan 28FBdS
Lorraine Murphy  
Maria Tully (Yvonne Casey)  b5QZMr
Mary Maher  Z2wg8z
Mary O’Connell  QMjzx3
Michael O’Shea  1vCR1J
Miriam Wynne  MRM84D
Niamh Brady tjB7aK  
Niamh Campbell  YN6yfg
Niamh McGourty mNU66X
Padraicin NiMhurchu  p8Pe95
Paul Kingston  X9YWV2
Peter J Guinan  8Y7A3z
Philip Synnott  USC55M
Rachel Hobbs  
Rosie O’Connor kDXAw1
Ryan Deegan  jntU9P
Sarah Moloney FM80Gd 
Sean Newcombe  hdA5Hv
Sheena Smith u9Yihf
Sheila Manek  
Tara Doddy  UFy7t3
Trudy O’Hora  
Valerie Van Veen MKf8Wb

This year, due to Covid restrictions, we cannot carry out parent-teacher meetings in the traditional manner. However, we understand the importance for staff and parents to communicate and discuss the progress of their son/daughter in school, and our parent-teacher meeting will take place online using Zoom.

To facilitate these online meetings, the school will be using PTMOrganiser software which enables parents to book appointment slots with teachers. PTMOrganiser is a web-based system that allows parents to enter preferences for what teachers they want to see. Instructions are available in the letter sent home with your son/daughter (or by post) and in the video below. Please log in to the scheduler between 4pm on the 7th of January and 5pm on Thursday 13th January at the following link:

Once you select your preferences, they will be saved. On Friday 14th January 2022 from 11am you can log back into the scheduler and view your appointments. 

Please see Guidance for Parents for online Parent Teacher Meetings Parent Guidance Online PTMs
This is an important document in line with school policies and should be read carefully prior to the meeting tonight.

Please watch the following instructional video to support you to choose and join your meetings:

There are a few important pieces of information for the PT Meeting:

  1. Please use the zoom meeting platform to access the teachers individual meetings. You can download it to your phone/device here:
  2. Please ensure that your display name is correct when logging onto ZOOM, it is advisable to use your son/daughter’s name. This is important so teachers know who is in the waiting room and can admit you to the meeting at your allocated time.
  3. Time slots are only 5 minutes in length so please make sure that we don’t go over these slots as it will have an effect on every parent’s rota.
  4. If the zoom meeting ends and you are in a waiting room, please go back and click on the link for that teacher again and take your place in the waiting room.
  5. Please conduct the meeting respectfully and if you have any further queries at the end of the 5 minutes, please email the teacher directly. For all other queries email 

For those parents who cannot attend, reports are available on VSware, which will give you all a good insight into how your son/daughter is doing in school.