Return to school 12th April 2021: Advice and Information

April 8, 2021

We look forward to welcoming back our whole school community on Monday the 12th April 2021 at 8.45am. There will be a student induction for 1st – TY students on their return. This will refamiliarize students with our school routines and provide an opportunity for them to ask questions or discuss the return to school with their teachers. There is always someone to help your son/daughter if they feel anxious about the return to school. Please encourage them to reach out to their teachers, tutor, year head, guidance counsellor or a trusted adult if they need support. 

Support for Post Primary Students Safe Schools Advice for Parents

Please encourage your son/daughter to follow the safety rules and routines put in place by our school. These include

  • Social distancing
  • Good hand hygiene (hand washing and hand sanitiser)
  • Wearing a face covering where a two metre distance cannot be maintained

If your son/daughter has COVID-19 symptoms (see below), they should not attend school. While at school, if your son/daughter develops symptoms, they should tell their teacher immediately and the school protocol will be followed. The school will contact you immediately in such an event. 

COVID 19 Symptoms (Department of Education)

If your child has any of the following symptoms of Covid-19, do not send them to school and contact your GP:

  • A temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or more
  • Any other common symptoms of Covid-19 – a new cough, loss or changed sense of taste or smell, shortness of breath or an existing breathing condition that has become worse
  • Been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19
  • Been living with someone who is unwell and may have Covid-19
  • Other uncommon symptoms of Covid-19, such as sore throat, headaches or diarrhoea
  • Returned from another country in the last 14 days.

When you should keep your child home from school (HSE)

A Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form has been texted to you. Please complete this form online before the 12th April 2021. Forms are also available at the links below:

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Transition Year