Guide for Parents: Routines and Online Schoolwork

April 21, 2020

A Guide for Parents and Guardians on supporting young people with daily routines and schoolwork while schools are closed

Some young people may be coping well with social/physical distancing and/or staying at home and completing school work at home whereas others may be struggling with these changes. There will be challenges ahead as your child will miss their friends, school and their extra-curricular activities. We are all in a period of adjustment and it will take time for us to adapt to being at home so much and spending more time together as families.

There are things that can help you and your children to get through this challenging time. During this time young people need your support to create new routines that will keep them busy and give them a sense of control of their lives. This will become more important as time goes on. Routines and schedules are key to helping them through this unprecedented phase in their lives. By having a structured and predictable day they will feel more secure and reassured (DES, April 2020).

Students can help themselves get through this time by making a daily plan for their school work that also includes:

  • Normal Daily Routines (encourage a good bedtime routine, eating healthily, good hygiene, regular mealtimes etc.)
  • Physical Activities & Housework (encourage physical activity outdoors within a 2km radius and with family only, helping with household chores etc.)
  • Social Activities (video chatting with relatives and friends, playing cards/games/watching TV with family members etc.)
  • Enjoyable/Creative Activities (Baking, Art, new hobbies etc.)


Supporting Schoolwork at home

Coolmine CS is using communication and technology to support students with their schoolwork. Please try to do the following to support your child with schoolwork:

  • Remind your son/daughter to log in to Office 365 daily – it is essential that your child logs in daily to their school email so that they can stay connected to their teachers and access the work that has been assigned.
  • Daily school routine – support your child to work out a daily routine that covers all of the work that has been assigned to them. It may be helpful if their new schoolwork routine on weekdays mirrors the normal school day, as much as possible.
  • To do list – support your child to make a to do list for the day or the week ahead. Students can use their school journal to do this and cross off the tasks as they are completed.
  • Good Communication – remind your child to communicate with their teachers in an appropriate manner and to ask questions if they don’t understand the work or if they need any other support during this time at home.
  • Troubleshooting – if your child has any difficulties accessing their Office 365 password please contact