Jigsaw Resources

March 27, 2020
The following links have been provided by Jigsaw for students at this time, to support minding their mental health:
Jigsaw Online Group Chats – which are happening daily and are focused around issues related to mental health and the impact from Covid 19. This is an anonymous forum so young people can engage in a confidential way as facilitated by Jigsaw clinician. This link can be checked daily and you need to register three hours before the chat (Please see times below)
Ask Jigsaw – Ask here and have your queries answered by Jigsaw clinicians. These are trained mental health professionals who have lots of experience supporting young people and their families, with their mental health.
5 A Day during the Corona Virus – Our routines have had to change, due to the social distancing measures we need to take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. This is a difficult and scary time for all of us but there things we can do to make it easier. Looking out for each other as well as our own mental health will help us get through this. 
Jigsaw Instagram – Young people, parents and those that work/volunteer with young people should keep an eye on our Insta page where we are posting daily new videos/group chats/live mindfulness sessions/service updates to support young people at this challenging time.
Jigsaw Online Group Chats Schedule:

Jigsaw have increased their online groups, and are now offering them twice daily at the following times with the following themes (which may be subject to change): FYI you have to register 3 hours before the “chat” begins at the following link: 

  • Monday at 12: Managing stress
  • Monday at 4: Coping with feeling low
  • Tuesday at 2: Dealing with family conflict
  • Tuesday at 7: Managing feelings of isolation
  • Wednesday at 12: Staying positive
  • Wednesday at 4: Managing stress
  • Thursday at 2: Dealing with family conflict
  • Thursday at 7: Staying positive
  • Friday at 12: Coping with feeling low
  • Friday at 4: Managing feelings of isolation