Schools Go Orange

February 14, 2020


On February 14th Coolmine C.S. was engulfed in an explosion of colour, fun and positivity for the national Schools Go Orange day. This is a day run by Cycle Against Suicide to promote mental health and wellbeing in schools around the country. A hard working and highly motivated group of students took on the task of organising a wide variety of events over the course of the day to raise money, promote awareness and spread the message that “Its OK not to feel OK”. The day started with students and staff being welcomed to school with music and face paint, liberally applied by the Schools Go Orange volunteers. Each student found a positive note on their locker, left by members of the team. There was a bake sale, bicycle races, ice cream stall, and a bubble release for first years. Throughout it all, the Schools Go Orange volunteers engaged with students and staff in a wonderfully energetic and positive way, ensuring that their message was not just heard but felt. Congratulations to the team on a wonderful day.