Coolmine Pioneers ‘Plastic Free’ Water Bottle Initiative

December 20, 2017

Coolmine C.S. recently rolled out a new initiative to combat the use of plastic bottles in the community. Reusable stainless steel water bottles were purchased through funding from Development Education and the school itself. The water bottles are being sold to students at a reduced rate and sales have exceeded expectations. The bottles included the school logo and design with the quote ‘Every Drop Counts’. The design of the bottle was produced by second year student Cathal Barker Berry.  Apparently there are enough plastic bottles discarded each year to stretch to the moon and back 50 times. Worryingly, to make one litre of bottled water it takes a quarter litre of oil and seven litres of water. Coolmine C.S. has shown it is a leader when it comes to all things sustainable and this plastic free water bottle initiative has received great interest from others schools throughout Ireland.