‘Community Care’ in Coolmine

September 25, 2016


Community Care 2017/2018

The Community Care team are a group of students volunteering in activities designed to care for those who are less well off. The work of the Community Care is of an outreach nature. It involves fundraising and organising in-school activities for a small number of outside groups. Some Community Care work involve selling refreshments at each of the Parent/Teacher meetings with the proceeds sponsoring a Christmas party for children accessing the services of Barnardos. The Community Care team also host a coffee morning for a number of vulnerable adults in the locality. Other charities supported by Community Care work are Focus Ireland, Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Trocaire and the Hospice Foundation.

The Community Care Team are ambassadors for the school, frequently liaising with outside people and agencies. Much of the work of Community Care is extra-curricular and all members of the team willingly give up their free time. The Community Care team also support the Chaplain during many of the big school occasions that take place throughout the year.