Glee Club Recording Experience

July 8, 2015


Where is the Love by Glee Club 2015

On Thursday 21st May, Coolmine Glee Club spend an amazing day at a Recording Studio (owned by an Irish three piece band called Half of Me).  This was a brand new and exciting experience for all the club members. You could feel the fascination and awe in the atmosphere as we first entered the studio.

Lead singer Luke Nelson helped us settle in and get set up. As he recorded us, Ms Hughes gave us pointers in getting the perfect sound. It was a magical feeling when everything fell into place and the music flowed so beautifully. Our hard work and constant practice definitely paid off.

After our recording session we hung out and chatted with Luke.  He talked to us about getting started in the music industry, suggesting we start busking in town. We took some photos at the wall outside the studio which was covered with vibrant graffiti art.

In the afternoon, we wandered down Grafton Street and were entertained by some of the super talented buskers, followed by a picnic in Stephen’s Green

To conclude, I can speak for the whole group in saying that it was a very informative and entertaining day.  We can’t thank Ms Hughes enough for organising an experience and opportunity like this.

So, to any aspiring singers and/or musicians in the school, join the Music Club next year and meet an amazing group of people!

by Josh Capellan

Where is the Love by Glee Club 2015