Coolmine Merit Awards 2015

April 30, 2015

The Coolmine Merit Awards took place in Westmanstown Golf Club on Thursday 26th March 2015.7

The awards acknowledge the achievements of students throughout the year in a broad range of areas such as:

  •  Learn English Together (LET) is a new initiative which responds to the English language needs of some of our junior students. The transition year students who consistently give freely of their own time to provide a relaxed environment for first and second year students to practice conversational English received awards.
  • Awards were made to a group of students who have been trained by Jigsaw to deliver a presentation called ‘It’s Time to Start Talking’ which aims to build awareness of youth mental health. They have delivered the talk to over 300 students in Coolmine.
  • This year, the students’ involvement in drama, dance and music were recognised with awards for the Drama Club and all those involved in the Feast of Coolmine Talent, and also those who work hard to produce COOL FM throughout the year.
  • The students on the Arts Council received awards for their involvement in Arts Week and the work they did in preparing and displaying artwork, and assisting the visiting artists who came to the school.
  • Students who had represented the school at a national level in both the ‘Soap Box Award’ and ‘Poetry Aloud’ competitions were also commended for their professionalism, hard work, knowledge and behaviour.
  • The important contribution made by Meitheal, the Student Council and Community Care within the school and in the wider community was recognised.
  • There were awards given to show appreciation for the work done by the Sports Council who help by assisting with setting up the pitches, the gym for matches, refereeing basketball games and helping to coach teams.
  • The Science Council is a group of students with a particular interest in science who are selected from 5th year and TY students to participate in a variety of science related events throughout the year. They received awards for the work they have done supporting science in the school.
  • Julija Paulauskaite and Elizabeth Hannigan who represented Coolmine at The Irish Chemistry Olympiad also received awards. The Irish Chemistry Olympiad is a Competition for Irish students in the final year of second level education.
  • Students with exceptional attendance and those who display great courtesy, participation, co-operation and helpfulness to others within the school were also recipients of awards.

This year the William Stuart Science Memorial Prize was awarded to Mayamsel Barandino and Clark Dela Cruz and the Conor O’Keefe Memorial Art Prize was awarded to Alex Fitzpatrick.

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