Coolmine Attend ‘Appreciate Your Mind’ Congress

April 17, 2015

resized imageOn January 14th 2015, Coolmine Student Council attended a day-long event hosted by Cycle Against Suicide at the RDS. The aim of the event was to promote positive mental health and the value to students of appreciating their own mental wellbeing. Students were constantly reminded by guest speakers that it’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.

The day was a high energy and inspiring experience, where many schools also showcased their own project work. A number of mental health organisations exhibited on the day, signposting students in the direction of where critical help is available, if and when needed.

The event featured personalities such as Colm Hayes, Al Porter, Mark Pollock and his fiancée Simone George, Sonia O’Sullivan, Ellie McNamara, Shane Gillen, Conor Cusack, Seamus Henessey, Alan Quinlan, Bressie and many more. Dublin Gospel Choir, White Chalk and Red Empire performed for the 4,000 students present. The guests spoke of their personal experiences with issues such as depression and anxiety, telling the young people how they dealt with these challenges and giving tips on how to handle our mental health

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