Learn to be Free (by Aoife Davis & Rudi Douglas)

January 12, 2015

Verse One

Here we are and it’s time for us to go
Time for us to make it on our own
And I’m so scared of what the future holds
Everyone watching as our lives start to unfold


Will I be who I want to be
Or will life turn out differently


If you should stumble, if you should fall
I’ll pick you up right through it all
And we’ll learn to be free
You and me
We never thought about the end
Those endless days we spent as friends
And we’ll learn to be free
You and me

Verse Two

Can’t you see how our lives are changing fast
In our minds all our memories will last
Though we’re looking to exciting lives ahead
There are some things that we never will forget



Middle Eight

And we will stand to the toughest opponents
Now we have made it through our darkest moments
Letting go it’s now our time
Grabbing hold the future’s mine



Recording of 'Learn To Be Free'

Vocals / Piano: Rudi Douglas.
Additional Vocals: Sarah Scarlett
Guitars: Martin McKeon / Adam Fleming
Bass Guitar: Shane Walsh
Percussion: Robert Mollumby
Korg Synth: Damian Tully
Flute: Catherine Farrell
Violins: Claire Brett / Eimear Counihan
Choir: Sixth Year Graduates

Recorded on 12th  & 13th May 2004, Coolmine Community School, D42
Recording Engineer : John Kearns
Mixed by John Kearns , Damian Tully
Mastered by
Produced by Rudi Douglas , Aoife Davis, Damian Tully
Cover Design by Rudi Douglas & Aoife Davis .

Special thanks to all our friends, supporters and teachers, the Parents Committee, Mr Gary Maguire, Ms Mary Quirke and Mrs Eileen Salmon
and all those people whose hard work made the dream of this CD a reality.

Copyright@ Davis / Douglas ccs.records 2004.