Healthy Living Awareness (13-24 January 2014)

September 10, 2014

The New Year brings new resolutions, and part of our planning in 2013 was to look at ways to become a healthier community.  With this in mind, we hope to promote Healthy Living Awareness for two weeks starting Monday 13th January 2014. We trust that as students become more aware they will be equipped to make more long term choices that will improve the quality of their lives.

  • Our healthy living awareness initiative has a number of strands:
  • Minister Joan Burton will formally launch the initiative in the school on Monday 13th January 2014.
  • Each day of the week starting Monday 13th January 2014 between 10.30-10.45am elements of a healthy lifestyle will be discussed with students in class.
  • A fitness class is being offered to all students, regardless of their level of fitness each Monday 4.00-5.00pm and Wednesday 1.00-2.00pm. Classes are free of charge and may improve the physical and mental health of the participants.
  • Relevant curriculum material will be studied in subject areas.
  • The Y-Path programme is running with all first year PE classes.
  • There will be a range of posters on display demonstrating the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • A range of healthy foodstuffs will be available in the Canteen and in the vending machines.
  • Water is available in the two new fountains installed in the school last term.
  • All fizzy drinks, sports drinks and high energy drinks will be banned in the school and will not be available in the canteen or in the vending machines.

Take part and enter some of our Healthy Living Awareness competitions. Great prizes to be won! Ms. Dalton & Ms. Smith can be contacted for further information. Click on the relevant link below.