Front Office Restricted Service

October 2, 2013

Due to staff illness and the inability of the DES to fund a replacement, we are forced to restrict the hours that reception and the switchboard are in operation. This will affect students, parents and teachers.

From Monday 14th January 2013 the switchboard will be answered and reception will be open each day between:

  • 8.30 A.M -11.30 A.M. and
  • 3.50 P.M – 4.30 P.M.

In the case of emergencies you are asked to contact the school at the following number: 085-1300035

(There will be someone available in the front office for students only for the second half of lunch break).

We would ask that students are extra vigilant about packing their books, lunch and PE Gear to help with these new arrangements. In the event that they forget something we would ask that you discuss with them how they could sort out the problem with the help of a friend. We would also ask that students would discuss any feelings of ill health with you before they come to school. It is with regret that we have to implement these changes. We are unable to indicate for how long this arrangement will last. You will be notified when we are able to extend the hours of opening.

Patricia McPhillips