Science Week (13th – 20th November 2011)

November 20, 2011

“The Chemistry of Life”

This year’s Science Week theme highlights the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives. Chemistry can be found in the beauty products we use, the microchips in our mobile phones, and in the food and water we consume. It creates lifesaving medication, as well as being fundamental to the development of ‘green’ technologies. It plays a vital role in nuclear energy, stem cell research, and GM foods.

Science Week in Coolmine Community School consists of:

  • Science Raps
    Compose a rap based on this year’s Science Week theme, video it, upload it to YouTube. Open to all Junior & Leaving Certificate students. Closing date is Tuesday 8th November 2011. 
  • Science Week Snaps
    Students are invited to capture ‘The Chemistry of Life’, the 2011 Science Week theme.  Open to all junior & leaving certificate students. Closing date is Friday 14th October 2011. Winning pictures wil be displayed on Dublin Bus. 
  • Name the Big Dish!
    A huge 32 metre satellite dish is starting a new life as a Deep Space Radio Telescope at Ireland’s National Space Centre. The dish will see cosmic events such as exploding stars and storm on Jupiter… and it needs an out of this world name! Enter your suggestion by Friday 28th October 2011.
  • Art Competition
    School Science Week Poster & Photo Competition closing date is Friday 11th November 2011.
  • Chemistry Chaos
    This involves exciting explosions, bubble bath towers and a drinking chocolate bomb! The demonstrations take place in D37 on Monday 14th November at 1.05pm
  • Crystal Growing Competition
    Students are invited grow crystals of alum.  Great prizes for the best crystals form.  This event will take place on Tuesday 15th November in D37.
  • Table Quizes galore.

Great fun and great prizes for all competitions.

Further details can be obtained from the Coolmine Science Department or click on

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