State Exams (Orals & Practicals)

September 16, 2010

Please check the Examination’s Notice Board for times of Orals and Practicals.

  • Irish Oral (LC)
    Monday 12th April – Friday 16th April
  • Russian Oral (LC)
    Wednesday 14th April
  • Japanese Oral (LC)
    Thursday 15th April
  • Spanish Oral (LC)
    Monday 19th April – Wednesday 21st April
  • French Oral (LC)
    Wednesday 21st April – Friday 23rd April
  • German Oral (LC)
    Wednesday 21st April – Thursday 22nd April
  • Home Economic Practical (JC)
    Monday 19th April – Thursday 22nd April
  • Music Practical (LC)
    Monday 19th April
  • Music Practical (JC)
    Thursday 22nd April – Friday 23rd April
  • Art (JC)
    Tuesday 4th May
  • Engineering (LC)
    Tuesday 4th May  – Thursday 6th May
  • Art (LC)
    Thursday 6th May – Friday 7th May
  • Metalwork (JC)
    Monday 10th May – Tuesday 11th May
  • Construction (LC)
    Monday 10th May