Barnardos Christmas Party

December 14, 2009

Every year the members of the Community Care team host a party for the children at Barnardos, and this year was no different. The party was held on Thursday 10th December 2009.

The school was a flurry of excitement all day. The library was decorated, a tree was dressed, presents heaped high and piles of sweets were laid out awaiting the arrival of the guests. When they did come all they had was fun. Games were played for a while until the man of the hour, Santa himself, arrived. He handed out presents to all the children. The school raised over €850 ensuring that each child received a lovely present. The time passed very quickly and all too soon the children were back on the bus and going home. The party was a great success and we all look forward to next year.  

The Coolmine Communigy Care team also organise various fundrais ing events during the year such as providing teas/coffees during the Parent Teacher Meetings, organising Non-uniform Days, etc.

By Sarah Roche (TYP Student)