Rugby in Coolmine

March 5, 2009

November the 12th  Coolmine’s Junior Rugby team battled in a round robin event against Hartstown Community School and Castleknock Community College.  The event was organised by Coolmine’s youth committee in an effort to promote underage rugby in the area.  Irish Rugby international Bernard Jackman took some time out to watch the matches.

The junior side were captained by Seamus Murray who lead the team courageously.  Unfortunately they were narrowly defeated at the final whistle by the Hartstown side; it was a gutsy performance by all involved.

It was then the turn of Castleknock Community College who not only had to face our junior team but was also pitted against our first year team in a separate match.  Our first years, captained by Cormac Teehan were up against an older and more experienced squad but contested bravely scoring a try in the remaining seconds of the match.

 In the subsequent match the junior team brought Castleknock to the wire and if it wasn’t for a missed penalty in the remaining seconds of the match it would have been Coolmine’s day. 

It was a tremendous day of rugby for all involved and Coolmine are counting the days until they can once again take the field in search of their next challengers.