Meitheal 2007/08

September 1, 2008

This year we have 26 students from Fifth Year and 9 students from Sixth Year supporting the First Years. Each first year class has been allocated its own group of Meitheal. After their training in August, the Meitheal were ready to meet the new First Years. The Meitheal attend the First Year assembly every Thursday morning and also visit the classes from time to time. A very enjoyable Halloween party was organised just before the mid-term break with some stunning costumes sported by both First Years and Meitheal!

The Meitheal have a meeting every Wednesday at break time to discuss plans for future events. At the moment the emphasis is on helping the First Years prepare for the Christmas Concert on December 13th. There is also a Meitheal display area with photographs of the members and also lots of space for information. The Meitheal this year has made an excellent start and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Dr. Brendan Byrne (Meitheal Co-ordinator).

Click here to see highlights of the Halloween party.