Going ‘Off the Rails’!

September 1, 2008

‘When I got the phone call from RTE to ask me was I still interested in being on ‘Off the Rails’, I thought, ‘Did they need ask?’.  My name had been put forward and I had gone along for interview in August, with girls from other schools around Ireland, and I had been chosen! What followed was really fun. Lisa Fitzpatrick, the stylist, took me ‘shopping’. I had a great day posing and trying on clothes. She chose three dresses for me, but I didn’t know what I’d be wearing untils the all important night!

The day of the Debs was chaos at home with film crew, stylists, friends and family. It was certainly a memorable way to end my school-days at Coolmine. The show was televised on RTE 1 at 8.30pm on Wednesday,October 3rd.