6th Year Graduation 2007

September 1, 2008

Coolmine Community School will celebrate its annual graduation ceremony for our outgoing sixth years – the class of 2007 on Wednesday 23rd of May 2007.  

This passing out ceremony has become an important rite of passage for our young people. It symbolises, among other things, the conclusion of one phase of life’s journey and the bright dawn of a new one. Our ceremony offers us all an opportunity to reflect on what has passed, and to look ahead to the future, with quiet hope and expectation.  

The theme central to our celebration is that of the waterfall. Water offers us many things and is essential at every level of our existence. Throughout the ages water has also been layered with religious symbolism, meaning and significance.  

As the waters follow a steady course, moving continuously and relentlessly, to some preordained course, so too are our class of 2007. They are on a life journey, and like the moving waters this journey follows its appointed course, moving assuredly and confidently, onward and upward until it has reached final destination.  

Preparations for the graduation ceremony are well advanced. The religion teachers and the sixth year pupils are putting in a great deal of work to make this occasion a memorable and joyous event.

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