School Uniform

Éide Scoile
August 5, 2015

(School Uniform is available from Grants on Manor Streeet)

All students are required to be in full uniform every day and parents are asked to co-operate in this regard. Unless a satisfactory explanation from Parents (written in School Journal) is presented at Uniform Check, the pupil may be sent home until properly attired.

A written explanation, however, is to be entered by a Parent in the School Journal on the occasions when full uniform is not feasible. This is to be shown by the student to any staff member who requests it. The explanation will be valid for the day in question ONLY. A record of attendance at Uniform Check will be recorded at the back of the School Journal.

The school uniform is as follows:

  • Grey uniform jumper for juniors
  • Black uniform jumper for seniors
  • If an outer jacket or coat is worn, it should be a plain navy or plain black colour
  • A school uniform trousers or skirt for all pupils
  • Plain black leather shoes
  • Blue uniform polo shirt

The Coolmine Community School uniform symbolises that:

  • Our school is an environment where learning can take place effectively, happily and naturally, free from distractions. Self discipline and imposed discipline are part and parcel of the structure. Putting on the uniform each morning helps create that environment by reminding students that it is to school they are going, where high standards of work and behaviour are expected.

Repeated failure on the part of the student to wear the school uniform correctly and in its entirety will warrant suspension.

Pupils and families are advised that both girls and boys may wear earrings. In both cases, these must be STUDS only.  Excesssive jewellery, nose studs, eyebrow rings and other body piercings are forbidden. The student will remain at home until such time as they conform to these requirements.