Home & School Contact

Teaghbháil idir Theaghlach & Scoil
August 5, 2015

What arrangements exist to enable communication between the Home and the School?

Open and frank communication between the school personnel and parents is essential; in the best interests of the students, close contact between these parties is encouraged.

  1. Queries concerning normal individual and / or classroom activities may be directed, in the first instance, to the teacher responsible.
  2. Queries concerning the overall progress may be addressed to the Ceann Tí who will be familiar with the student.  Should the above system not give satisfaction, then [but only then], are parents encouraged to contact a Deputy Principal or Principal.
  3. However,  serious & urgent matters should be addressed immediately and directly to the Principal or in his/her absence, the Deputy-Principal. A written statement may be required later.
  4. Contact/appointments with teacher[s] may be made by phoning Front Office at (01) 8214141. 
  5. The ‘School Journal’  is an important communications link between School and Home. All notes re absences from school, dental appointments, late comings, non-wearing of uniform, etc., must be recorded in this journal.
  6. Teachers in turn will communicate messages about student’s progress through the ‘School Journal’ as the occasion demands. Parents should check the Journal each day.
  7. School Reports with details of student’s progress will be posted home three times per year.
  8. Parent / Teacher Meetings for each year-group take place during afternoons on various dates from November to March. Parents should check Calendar for dates.

Our school’s effectiveness as an educational institution depends on Management, Teaching Staff and Family support. A school’s best efforts to create a disciplined and wholesome learning atmosphere for its students can be severely diminished if the family neglects to co-operate with the measures put in place by the school for their own children’s welfare and progress.