Pastoral Care


Pastoral532x240v2The pastoral care of students is of prime importance. Each class has a Caomhnoir (Class Tutor) who has particular responsibility for the care of students in that class. Each year group has a Ceann Tí (Year Head) who, in liaison with the Caomhnoiri and class teachers, has overall responsibility for the care of each student, monitors academic progress, and manages discipline issues.

Our Chaplain, Mr. O’Shea, caters for the spiritual well-being of the school community which harbours a diversity of religious beliefs. We value the opportunity this provides for increased understanding, as well as learning respect and tolerance.

Our two guidance counsellors provide educational / career guidance and personal counselling. They administer aptitude tests, assist students with subject choices, give classes in career guidance, hold open nights for parents and students. Above all, they offer guidance on an individual basis to both parents and students. Ms. Maher deals mainly with career guidance while Mr. Kennedy specialises in personal counselling.

The Pastoral Care Team, consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principals, Cinn Tí, Chaplain, and Guidance Counsellors meet on a weekly basis to co-ordinate the task of caring for students and to support each other in this very important work.

Parents as the prime educators of our students have a special role to play as partners in achieving the aims and objectives of the school. They contribute to the development of school policies through the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association. Our school maintains an ‘open door’ policy, encouraging parents to communicate regularly with teachers and/or members of the Pastoral Care team should they have issues or concerns that they need to discuss. Opportunities are also provided through Open Nights, Information Meetings, and Parent-Teacher meetings, which are held annually.