Clár Oibre

The curriculum consists of the concepts, skills, areas of knowledge and attitudes which children learn as part of their personal and social development. There are also implicit elements of formation, which are absorbed from the ethos and general environment of the school. Not only is the school concerned with subjects but also with how and why they are taught and with the outcomes of the learning activity.

Junior Cycle

Our students begin Junior Cycle with an ‘Exploratory Year’. Coolmine Community School, being a large school, offers a broad range of learning experiences through the following subjects approved for junior cycle students: Irish, English, Mathematics, History, Geography, CSPE (Civic, Social and Political Education), French, Spanish, German, Science, Home Economics, Music, Art / Craft / Design, Materials Technology (Wood), Metalwork, Technical Graphics, Business Studies, SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education), Religious Education, Physical Education and Computer Studies. It would not be possible to take all eighteen examination subjects for the Junior Certificate. On the other hand, we set out to enable students to discover where their talents, gifts and aptitudes lie during their first year at secondary school before making their subject choices for the Junior Certificate.  First Year students take all the above subjects with two exceptions. They take two of the three modern European Languages (Spanish, French, German) and one of the Applied Sciences (Materials Technology –Wood, Metalwork, Home Economics). In Second and Third Years, our students take eleven examination subjects, as well as two non-examination subjects (PE, SPHE).

Transition Year Programme (TYP)

This is an optional year, which is taken by approximately 25% of our students in each year group. It allows students to involve themselves in a variety of learning experiences without examination pressure. It enables them to develop a range of personal and social skills, providing opportunities for personal growth and the kind of maturing which is required to take on the Senior Cycle successfully and make good career decisions. The programme includes Irish, English, Mathematics, French, German, Japanese Language and Culture, Science, Music, Drama, Computer Studies, Dance, Food Studies, Environmental Studies, Career Guidance, Woodcraft, Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Stain Glass, Film Studies,  Archaeology, Enterprise Education, Art, Study Skills, Mental Health Education, Social Development, Inter Cultural Studies, Contemporary Issues, Great Minds, Work Experience, First Aid, Judo, Swimming, etc

Leaving Certificate

All of our students take Irish, English and Mathematics. Four other subjects are chosen from Accounting, Business, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, German, Classical Studies, History, Geography, Home Economics (Social & Scientific), Music, Art, Construction Studies, Engineering and Technical Drawing. Students also take the following non-examination subjects: Career Guidance, Religious Education and Physical Education.