Board Members

Baill den Bhord
  • Ms. P. McPhillips (Principal of Coolmine Community School & Secretary Board of Management)
Trustees Nominees:
  • La Sainte Union Sisters: Sr. Maureen Gainey
  • La Sainte Union Sisters & Vincentian Fathers: Ms. Catherine Cantwell
  • Vincentian Fathers: Dr. Mary Meaney
DDLETB  Nominees:
  • Ms. Rose Callan
  • Ms. Anita Meehan
  • Dr. Roderic O’Gorman
Parents Nominees:
  • Ms. Eileen Evans
  • Ms. Jenny McGarry
Teacher Nominees:
  • Mr. Padraig O’Reilly
  • Mr. Dominic Phillips
Chairperson for 20016/2017
  • Mr. Dominic Phillips